What are the delivery time lines?

The production time depend on the season:

  • September to December 4-6 weeks after order confirmation & pre-payment
  • January to August 8-10 weeks after order confirmation & pre-payment

What are your terms of payment?

Once you have finalised the correct model you want, a Design Cost of R3 500 is required. Once the design is approved and you wish to go ahead, a 50% deposit is required on placing the order. When the garments are ready to leave the factory, the remaining 50% needs to be paid.

Bonus Note! Seeing that we are really nice guys, we will discount the design deposit from your final invoice.

What is the design cost?

Design costs include the layout process and the right adoption on our cuts. This is R3 500. If you have your kit made with us, we will deduct this off the final invoice (Applicable to all orders over 30 units)

Our experienced design-team will create an unique layout in order to your wishes and requirements. You will also get 3 additional modifications to this initial design, should you not be 100% happy with it.

After that any additional design round will cost R750 each.
Get some inspiration from our designers. They will guide you until your new team design is ready.
For re-orders without changes on the team design, no costs are incurred.

What are your minimum order quantities?

Pricing is based on the quantity you order. You are welcome to order a single garment BUT this comes at a premium, and don’t forget to include the design costs.

On any order with more than 30 units, we will discount the Design costs and include your shipping for free.



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